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Quick Lift USA Inc. | Two Post Automotive Lift | Clear Floor | 9,000lb


Unleash Automotive Excellence with Quick Lift USA's Clear Floor Two Post Lifts!


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Elevate your garage experience with our flagship product – the Clear Floor Two Post Automotive Lift. Quick Lift USA presents the ultimate solution for enthusiasts looking for a residential Automotive Lift or a professional seeking top-tier performance. With a 9,000lbs lifting capacity and a host of features designed for convenience and safety, this lift redefines what's possible in your workspace.


  • Elevate with Confidence: Our 9k Clear Floor Two Post Lift is the gold standard in automotive lifting. Engineered to perfection, it effortlessly lifts 9,000lbs, accommodating a wide range of vehicles and projects.


  • Innovative Power: Powered by a 220V electric/hydraulic system, our lift ensures smooth and reliable performance with every use. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to seamless lifting.


  • Modern Elegance: Embrace the future of aesthetics with our multi-stage powder coating. This modern finish not only adds a touch of sophistication to your space but also enhances the lift's resilience against wear and tear.


  • Maximum Versatility: Designed as a 2-post clear-floor lift, it's the ultimate companion for various automotive tasks. The super-asymmetric arms provide optimal access, while included extension adapters (1.5", 2.5", and 5") cater to various vehicle configurations.


  • Safety First: We take safety seriously. The single-point safety release, overhead safety shut-off device, and automatic arm restraints ensure secure lifting operations. Your peace of mind is our priority.


  • Precision Synchronization: The Aero cable guarantees impeccable synchronization, while self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings enhance smoothness and durability.


  • Enhanced Protection: Standard door guards and toe guards on lifting arms protect your vehicles and equipment during lifting and lowering operations.


Elevate your garage's potential with Quick Lift USA's Clear Floor Two Post Lifts. Whether you're a dedicated home enthusiast or a professional aiming for perfection, this lift is your gateway to excellence.


Discover the power of precision lifting today. Explore Quick Lift USA's Clear Floor Two Post Lifts and experience automotive innovation at its best.


Upgrade your garage with the industry's finest. Explore Quick Lift USA's Clear Floor Two Post Lifts now and take the first step towards transforming your workspace.


1yr Manufacturer Warranty


Lifts will always require a forklift, skid steer or loader due to their size and weight.




Color: Black/Grey
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