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Quick Lift USA Inc. | 4 POST DRIP TRAYS | 1pc


Elevate the cleanliness and maintenance of your workspace with Quick Lift USA's Automotive Lift Drip Trays. These essential accessories, designed for our 9,000lb 4 Post Automotive Lifts, are here to keep your garage floor spotless and your projects running smoothly.


  • Precision Protection: Our drip trays are precision-engineered to fit seamlessly between the runways of our 4 Post Lifts. They serve as an efficient shield, capturing and containing debris, fluids, and other maintenance byproducts.


  • Superior Compatibility: Whether you own our Standard, XL, or Double Wide 9,000lb 4 Post Lift, these drip trays are designed to be a perfect match, enhancing the functionality of your Quick Lift USA lift.


  • Seamless Cleanup: Enjoy a hassle-free cleanup process after every project. These trays make it easier than ever to maintain a tidy and efficient workspace.


Experience the difference that a clean and organized garage can make. Invest in Quick Lift USA's Automotive Lift Drip Trays and elevate your workspace's cleanliness and efficiency today!


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