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Quick Lift USA Inc. | 4 Post Aluminum Flat Deck |


$249.99 per pc

4pc required for full flat deck

$999.99 total for completed deck


Enhance the versatility of your Quick Lift USA 9,000lb 4 Post Automotive Lift with our Aluminum Flat Deck accessory.


Designed to bridge the gap between the runways, the Aluminum Flat Deck transforms your lift into a solid and stable platform, eliminating the open center. This enhancement provides you with a secure surface for the storage of motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, boxes and more, expanding the functionality of your lift.


Crafted for compatibility with both our Standard, XL and Double 9,000lb 4 Post Lifts, this accessory is engineered for durability and reliability.


  • Elevate Your Storage: Create a spacious and secure platform for parking or storing your vehicles, whether it's a motorcycle, ATV, or your prized classic car.


  • Red Car Tested: Our Aluminum Flat Deck is designed to withstand the weight and demands of various vehicles, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Seamless Integration: This accessory effortlessly fits with our Standard, XL and Double 9,000lb 4 Post Lifts, making installation a breeze.


Unlock new possibilities for your garage and elevate your automotive workspace with the Quick Lift USA Aluminum Flat Deck. Explore the potential today!


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