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Quick Lift USA Inc. | Jacking Beam with Hand Pump | 3,500lb


Elevate your automotive maintenance experience with Quick Lift USA's Jacking Beam with Hand Pump, the perfect accessory for our 9,000lb 4 Post Automotive Lifts. This expertly designed addition allows you to effortlessly raise your vehicle to a higher position, providing ample clearance to access the tires while they rest safely above the runways of your auto lift.


  • High-Capacity Lifting: With a robust 3,500lbs lifting capacity, our Jacking Beam ensures stable and secure elevation for a wide range of vehicles.


  • Manual Precision: Operate with ease using the hand pump control, allowing you to precisely position your vehicle as needed.


  • Seamless Compatibility: Tailored to work seamlessly with both our 9,000lb standard, XL and Double wide 4 Post Lifts, this Jacking Beam is a versatile addition to your automotive toolkit.


Upgrade your auto lift setup with Quick Lift USA's Jacking Beam with Hand Pump and experience the convenience of elevated access for your vehicle maintenance needs. Reach new heights of efficiency in your garage or service bay with this essential accessory.


Color: Black
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