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Quick Lift USA Inc. | Air Opperated Jacking Beam | 3,500lb


Elevate your automotive maintenance to new heights with Quick Lift USA's Air Operated Jacking Beam – the essential accessory for our 9,000lb 4 Post Automotive Lifts. This professional-grade tool is designed to effortlessly raise your vehicle, allowing you to access its undercarriage and tires with ease.


🚗 Powerful Performance: Featuring a robust 3,500lbs lifting capacity, this jack is a powerhouse, capable of effortlessly hoisting your vehicle.


🚗 Precision Pneumatic Operation: Powered by a pneumatic air pump, it offers smooth and precise lifting, ensuring your vehicle is positioned exactly as required. (Air Compressor/pump not included)


🚗 Compatible and Versatile: Whether you're working with our standard 9,000lb lift, the XL version or the Double wide, this jacking beam is fully compatible, making it a versatile addition to your automotive workspace.


Say goodbye to struggles and hello to efficiency with Quick Lift USA's Air Operated Jacking Beam. Elevate your automotive maintenance today!



Color: Black
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