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Quick Lift USA Inc. | Double Four Post Lift | 9,000lb | Twin


Elevate Your Garage Efficiency with Quick Lift USA's Double 4 Post 9,000lb Lifts!


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Welcome to the epitome of automotive convenience – Quick Lift USA presents the game-changing Double 4 Post 9,000lb Lifts. Designed for the modern car enthusiast and professional alike, these lifts redefine how you store, service, and showcase your vehicles. Imagine doubling your garage's potential without doubling the space.


  • Double the Capacity: Say goodbye to parking struggles. Our Double 4 Post Lifts boast a 9,000lb capacity and a unique double-wide configuration that accommodates not one, but two cars on top and two cars underneath. Unlock storage possibilities like never before.


  • Future-Ready Design: With a prewired 3-prong 110V Electric/Hydraulic Motor, our lifts are not just lifts – they're future-forward solutions. Experience seamless operation, convenience, and power at your fingertips.


  • Elevate and Store: Freestanding and versatile, our lifts are your answer to parking, storage, and service challenges. Maximize your space without compromising on safety or efficiency.


  • Quad-Vehicle Wonder: The double-wide design means four vehicles can call this lift home. With four runways, a super-tall rise, and an extra-long ramp, these lifts are the definition of innovation.


  • Vehicle-Friendly: Wide or narrow, our runways accommodate your fleet with ease. And with aluminum ramps instead of steel, your vehicles stay pristine while enjoying a secure lift.


  • Built to Last: Steel tank and aluminum ramps ensure durability and longevity, while drip trays and a convenient tool tray enhance your workspace's functionality.


Elevate your garage into a haven of efficiency, organization, and innovation with Quick Lift USA's Double 4 Post 9,000lb Lifts. Whether you're safeguarding your prized collection or streamlining your repair process, these lifts are your answer.


Unlock the true potential of your garage. Explore Quick Lift USA's Double 4 Post 9,000lb Lifts today and experience automotive ingenuity like never before.


1yr Manufacturer Warranty 


Lifts will always require a forklift, skid steer or loader due to their size and weight.


Color: Black/Grey
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