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Quick Lift USA Inc. | Air Compressor Precission Filters | 3 Grade  | 5-20HP


Unlock Clean, Purified Air with Quick Lift USA's Precision Filter System!


When it comes to connecting your Rotary Screw Air Compressor to a Dryer Unit and Tank, precision is paramount. Quick Lift USA proudly presents our Precision Filter System – a sophisticated solution that ensures the air flowing through your compressed air system is clean, pure, and free from contaminants. Elevate your compressed air quality with a system engineered for excellence.


🔍 Precision Perfected: Our Precision Filter System is a testament to advanced filtration technology. A single set includes three distinct grades (C/T/A), each meticulously designed to cater to specific filtration needs.


🔍 Grade C: The separation filter excels in filtering a significant amount of liquid and 3-micron-sized agglomerations. With a maximum residual oil content of 5ppmw/w, it guarantees clean air that meets your standards.


🔍 Grade T: The supervisor filter is the pinnacle of large liquid and 1-micron-sized condensate filtration. Its dual-stage design ensures effective removal of impurities, maintaining a maximum residual oil content of 1.0 ppmw/w.


🔍 Grade A: The depth filter is your solution for trace oil and gas filtration, achieving an impressive 0.01PPM oil content and 0.01MICRON impurity particle filtration. This grade delivers truly high-quality compressed air, meeting stringent oil-free standards.


🔍 Innovative Design: Our Precision Filters boast a high-density extruded aluminum shell with positive electrode anti-rust treatment. The forced venting device design guarantees optimal performance and longevity.


🔍 Ultimate Filtration: The inner layer, composed of 'boron silicon micro-glass,' actively removes moisture, while the silicone-free foam cotton outer layer isolates clean air from adsorbed pollutants.


Experience air purity like never before with Quick Lift USA's Precision Filter System. Elevate your operations, protect your equipment, and ensure top-tier air quality throughout your compressed air system. Say goodbye to contaminants and hello to precision!


Upgrade your compressed air quality today with Quick Lift USA's Precision Filter System. Explore the range and discover the transformative power of clean, purified air


PriceFrom $349.99
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